VFX Supervisor Robin Lamontagne Joins Outpost Montréal


VFX Supervisor Robin Lamontagne Joins Outpost Montréal

1 November 2022

Known for his work on The Witcher S2, Lamontagne brings a wealth of knowledge to Outpost Montréal

We are excited to welcome VFX Supervisor, Robin Lamontagne to the Outpost team in Montréal.

With almost a decade in the industry, Robin has an impressive VFX history, amassing multiple VES Award nominations and leaving his creative mark on numerous high-profile projects.

Working alongside directors, producers, and showrunners, Robin will help the team deliver high-calibre visual effects across a multitude of projects, both episodic and feature film.

On joining Outpost, Robin says: “One of the reasons I was initially drawn to Outpost was because of their dedication to creating a healthy work/life balance, then I saw the calibre of the work that was being produced and joining the team felt like a no brainer.”

Perhaps best known for his recent work on the hit Netflix fantasy, The Witcher, Robin has overseen incredibly technically challenging CG sequences in recent streaming history. One of these sequences includes the dynamic fight scene between The Witcher’s Geralt and the full-CG Myriapod, a huge centipede-like creature with a mammalian head, multiple arms and slimy tentacles which all had to interact seamlessly with talent.

Robin also led the team that developed the full-CG environment that opens the latest DC superhero blockbuster, Black Adam. With a real-world scale of 50 kilometres, this mountainous environment featured a large medieval-style castle alongside vast crowd simulations that populate the sequence.

In the early stages of his career, Robin was quick to make his way up to CG Supervisor, and now VFX Supervisor, contributing to shows such as Ad Astra, Extraction and For All Mankind along the way.

Robin says: “I’m really excited to join such a tremendous team here at Outpost and I can’t wait to continue to build the studio’s relationships with clients and deliver on complex, high-end VFX.”

If you’d like to join Robin and the rest of the Montréal team, take a look at our latest opportunities.

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